THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to all those who downloaded the kindle version of my novel, Problems of Translation over the 24-hour giveaway period yesterday. Six hundred eleven people took advantage of this zero dollars sale, from all over the world! Folks from the US, Canada, UK, Japan, India, Australia, Brazil and elsewhere were all savvy enough to take advantage of this opportunity and I’m very grateful that they did.

How do I make any money from making my book available for free? Well, I don’t. But what I want is readers and, hopefully, a good percentage of those who downloaded the book for free will actually read it and enjoy it, which is what I’m interested in. And, of course, there’s the multiplier effect; if some of those who read it and enjoy it also write reviews so that others become interested . . . well, so much the better! So whether you, dear readers, write a review on Amazon or in a local newspaper (in Yokahama, perhaps or Sao Paulo or Dubuque), or in a blog, on Facebook, or wherever, you are helping to spread the word.  And that makes my redoubtable hero, Charlie (Charles Abel Baker, formally) feel that it wasn’t for nothing that he traveled the world getting his short story translated into ten different languages then back into English. He is grateful, first of all,  that he lived to tell the tale (he had some hairy escapes!), but he’s even more pleased when people read about his “comic, terrifying, romantic, loopy round-the-world-journey in search of linguistic happiness.”

So thanks again, folks, and enjoy! Maybe we’ll run another such sale one of these fine days, but, meanwhile, if you can’t wait, it’s still only $5.99!

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  1. Burnis Tuck says:

    Happy Holidays, Jim! Congrats on your recent “sale”! Problems of Translation really is a fun read, a real literary highlight for me this year. I would think the novel would translate well into other languages than English and it’d be great to read that a film is in the offing…looking forward to your future productions as well as exploring your many other offerings on the website.

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