A belated thanks to everyone who came out for my reading a month ago (October 6th) at Jim readingthe Cornelia Street Café. For those who weren’t able to come, videos of that performance are now available not only on my website but on YouTube as well.

I read three selections that evening, and they’re all there. The first piece, from my recently published novel, Problems of Translation, introduces the novel’s romantic element and might be called “Enter Svetlana.” The second, also from Problems, could be called “What To Do When You’re Aloft in a Private Jet and its Pilot Dies.” The third piece, which I could have labeled, “Fury and Rain,” is from a novel I’m currently working on.

Problems of Translation - Front CoverIn case you’re among the scandalously uninformed, Problems of Translation is available on Amazon (paperback and ebook editions) and Barnes & Noble online (paperback), in some bookstores, and may soon be available from selected libraries. (It is actually in at least one library, but alas, not in New York.)

It was also truly enjoyable to have read on that evening with Robin McLean, who trekked down from New England to read for the Big City folks from her splendid, trenchant, chilling collection of short stories, Reptile House.

Please note, YouTube users, feel free to “like” the video if that mirrors your reaction; in fact, you can do that if you access it from my website as well.

AND BY THE WAY, those of you who did attend the reading, are also cordially invited to see the videos! Lots of fun the second time around!

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