Bold. Brilliant. Imaginative. Scary. Meet Robin McLean’s “Reptile House”

Once you’ve read these nine stories, forgetting them is as unlikely as discovering the end-point of pi. Kissing cousins to George Saunders, Donald Barthelme, and perhaps even Don DeLillo, they are nonetheless powered by a distinctive new voice. McLean dives fearlessly through the Looking Glass; she scrubs the psyche raw, perhaps in an effort to get even closer to what constitutes “reality”. Like lifting up a rock to see what’s crawling underneath. Ever wonder what Real, REAL COLD is like, and what it might make you do? How about having dinner with giraffes while an amulet of yours rides the cosmos with an expiring lady cosmonaut? And what happens after a man sees a snake in a zoo swallow another snake will chill your blood.

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