Problems of Translation at BEA 2015Big day at the Javits Center yesterday, as the latest Book Expo America kicked off, and Problems of Translation, my new novel, magically appeared on the shelves of the New Titles Showcase. An image of the cover also winked out at me from the New Titles digital display, as well as from the printed catalogue. I happily posed for a picture pointing it out.The Author and His Novel at BEA 2015

In any event, even though it might not be making quite as hefty a splash as some other new titles, like those of Jonathan Franzen or John Irving, for example, I could not have been prouder to have it acknowledged at the BEA! And people were once again admiring my cover!

Meanwhile, one of my recent readers confided that she was already casting the characters in my book for her imagined film version. Say what? Oh, yes! Not only was she convinced it would make a great film, but did I think Julia Roberts was an appropriate choice for Svetlana? Well, should it ever come to pass that Hollywood comes clamoring at my door, I think I’ll leave that to the casting director. Right now I just hope that those who read it have a pleasant smile on their face when they turn the last page!

On another note, but still talking about film, I noticed that the movie version of Ben Fountain’s wonderful, sad, poignant, funny novel, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, is scheduled to be released on November 11. When it first came out, I personally nominated it for a Pulitzer Prize (see my blog posts of September 24 & December 9 of 2012), and an NYU professor proclaimed it a “masterpiece,” but it got snubbed by the Pulitzer people and won a National Book Critics Circle Award instead. (Not too shabby!) I can only hope the film does some justice to that brilliant book.

Problems of Translation - Front CoverOh! And if you’re interested in getting a copy of Problems of Translation, it’s available on Amazon in print and ebook.

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