Spring is Story-Time! Another reading at the Cornelia Street Cafe!

That time of year again!  I’ll be reading on May 7 (a Wednesday) at the Cornelia Street Cafe at 6 pm.  Please come and enjoy my presentation of pieces from my recent short stories and my comic novel, Problems of Translation, where my hero traipses around the world seeking to get his short story translated successively into ten different languages before returning it to English to find out what resemblance (if any!) it bears to what he originally wrote.  Along the way, he finds plenty of hair-raising trouble to get into, as well as an unexpected romance!  With help from former stalwarts of the CIA . . . but never mind.  Come and enjoy the ride! Cornelia Street Cafe is located at 29 Cornelia Street in the Village, just west of Sixth Avenue between Bleecker & West 4th.  The tariff is $8 but includes a free glass of wine.  I’ll be reading with a French poet whom I’m eager to hear as well. This is my fourteenth straight reading at Cornelia Street, whose impresario, Angelo Verga, has been very good to me.  The folks are friendly and the atmosphere relaxed, so come and enjoy!
Jim Story - May 7, Side 1 Jim Story - May 7, Side 2

(Click the near-left image for info on traveling to 29 Cornelia St.)

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