I suddenly realized that I had referred in my last blog entry (my first blog entry) to More About Jim and — since that was the first and only entry — there was no More About Jim or Further Biographical Information. Here then, a few salient points.

My first job was chasing birds out of a recently planted field. (I grew up on a fifty-square mile corporation farm in California, and, no, I was not the one who reaped the big bucks from those 37,000 acres; my dad just worked there, as did my mom, as did my sis, as did I and several hundred other Okies and several hundred more Chicanos. As a result, I’m a lifelong supporter of the United Farm Workers of America.) Perhaps, if I live long enough and prosper well enough, I’ll end my life by buying a small farm in Vermont so that my last job will be chasing birds out of a recently planted field. (NOT!!!)

Besides being a college professor (Russian History) and a director of several New York City housing programs, I’ve been a bartender, truck driver, ladies’ shoe salesman (my biggest moment purveying a pair of house slippers to Clare Bloom), cab driver (I was terrible, and probably lost more money than I made), temporary typist, banker (don’t ask), inventory taker (count them bales!), blues singer (I guested with a group called Burnt Biscuits, which later changed its name and went into hiding), an amateur actor (Charley’s Aunt, Royal Gambit, Mother Courage, The Exception and the Rule, Abraham & Isaac) and a few other things I’m reluctant to mention because they were either too small or too undignifed.

More later.

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