Welcome! Bienvenidos! Dobro pozhalovat’! Well, that exhausts my languages, so I’d better move on to something else.

This moment is very exciting to me. Why? Did I always dream of having a blog? Not exactly.

Back in high school days, I was a budding journalist and editor of my school newspaper. I wrote a regular, weekly column called Todays’ Story.

When I retired from my city job in 2001 (as well as from earlier higgledy-piggeldy lives of professoring, bartending, cab-driving, banking, etc. [see More About Jim], I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to find a small newspaper in which I could write a regular column called Today’s Story?”

Unsurprisingly, I found myself so busy revising stories and novels I had written during the course of those lives (not to mention dreaming up new ones), that I never got around to searching for such a sinecure. But with the flowering of the Internet, all things are possible, so – fifty-three years later – I’m resuming. A brief hiatus. You may think of it as a blog. I think of it as a column.

But not weekly, and certainly not daily. It will be occasional. Which means whenever the whimsy strikes. Or when I grant myself a respite from all those other kinds of writing I’m still doing.

Nor will Today’s Story have a particular topic. It will be whatever’s on my mind that particular day that I feel like sharing. Is this cool, or what?

So you’re invited to check in as often as you like. I can’t promise you’ll learn anything profound (my teaching days are over), but I’d love to have you as a reader.

Now. To important business. Jill (my life partner and, more importantly here, my webmaster), when she set up this blog, said: “What are your categories? Its says you have to establish categories.”

“But I don’t like categories,” I said. “My whole life is defined by resistance to categories. I want to write on . . . whatever.”

“Fine. Resist. Meanwhile, I need to set up categories or it won’t look right. I’m building this blog in WordPress. Something has to replace the word ‘Uncategorized’.”

“Oh. So put in whatever you want.”

“It’s your website!”

“All right, already. Say ‘Personal/Biographical’. That’s one.”

“More About Jim?”

“Better. More About Jim it is. But we need others, right?”

“Bits & Pieces?”

“Okay, Bits & Pieces. It’s not novel, but it’ll do.”

“What else?”

“How many do you need? The world is full of too many boxes now. Too many cubicles. Too many holes for pigeons.”

“On Writing? Didn’t you say you were going to do some pieces about writing?”

“Well, maybe. Sure. On Writing.”

“How about the first blog?”

“Column. I prefer column.”

“Dear, you can think column all you want, but on the internet, it’s a blog. What’s the first one about?”

“It’s about . . . whatever. About writing a column.”

“Okay. Scratch Bits and Pieces. We’ll call the category: Whatever.”

Done. Oh, for the record, Jill points out that she never calls me dear.

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