Personal Space/Time*

I have been dreaming cosmologies.
Red shifts.  Curved space-time.
Metagalaxies.  Black holes in space.

Finding “big bang” theories more congenial
Since my life sucks backwards
To such an event

And I cannot see my expansion
As beginning from nowhere.

The “steady-state” people
Are steady-state people.

Captured suns and imploding stars
Not for them.

I am enthralled by Olber’s Paradox:

If space and stellar matter were truly infinite
All where we looked would be light.

I examine my life.
How can I believe in that?

It is easier to believe black holes in space.

*Unpublished; copyright © 2007.

Author's Note: This poem was written over 25 years ago, before the “big bang” became the accepted theory by all astronomers, who then laid the “steady-state” theory to rest.  Of course that could change as well, but at this point it seems unlikely.  None of this makes any difference to the poem.